Send your contributions

The preferred workflow to send contributions to the project is:

  • Fork the project on Github. This will create a repository under your Github username with a copy of the code, with write access for you.

  • Clone the forked repository to your develoment machine and work on the feature/bugfix/etc.

  • Commit the changes to your repo, making sure you previously set up git like this.

  • Create a patch against the latest upstream 'testing' banch, and send it for comments on the developer mailing list.

  • Modify your code, according to feedback received (if the case).

  • Send a pull request from your github repo.

If you don't want to use Github, that's OK too, we accept patches sent to the developer mailing list as well, and will credit you in the commit message and the file header.

If you cannot use git, Github offers an automated download link for the lastest development revision of the code at